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In need of an excellent health and safety program for Avetta compliance and certification? We are here to help.

How we do it?

Our Safety company will help you establish a health and safety management system to get Avetta Compliance and Certification. Our health and safety experts have come up with an Avetta compliance process to help you pass an audit, get recognition and win your prospective clients’ approval. 

Don’t have any prior knowledge of Avetta? Don’t worry; we will set up an account for you and design a safety program that meets your company’s and client’s requirements. The safety programs we create will fill any gaps between you and your clients based on their requirements.

If you already have an existing account but are too busy to maintain it, we will manage it for you. We will keep you posted so you don’t miss any updates and important regulatory changes within the system.

Here’s what you will get from our service:

  • Complete compliance and management of your Avetta account
  • Thorough assistance and review of your PQF questionnaire
  • Submission of WCB sheets and insurance documents
  • Tailor-made safety programs
  • Outstanding customer service 
  • Industry-standard professional assistance
  • Professional Avetta documents that meet safety regulatory requirements

If you want professional assistance for your company’s health and safety program and guaranteed Avetta compliance and certification, don’t hesitate to contact us at 780-832-5158 for a free consultation.

Top-notched Safety Programs Tailored for Your Specific Needs

Our professional safety programs will take your Avetta compliance to the next level and ensure that your company meets the requirements for Avetta Certification. We have top-notched safety programs designed to address your specific safety needs and give your Avetta compliance a “green flag” status. With an Avetta certification, you are one step ahead in qualifying for that much-needed job or project

Here are some of the excellent services we can offer you:.

Excellent Health, Safety and
Consultation Services

With our excellent Health, Safety and Consultation Services, we can create a safety program tailored for your company’s need to comply with your hiring client’s requirements. Once the safety program is completed, we will upload it into your company’s account.

You don’t have to worry about doing all the work by yourself because we will process everything for you.

Hazard Awareness Program

The program’s goal is to raise the workers’ consciousness in terms of hazardous materials in the workplace and help them identify any potential risks. This enables them to prevent incidents and reduce potential harm to themselves and other people inside the workplace.

Some of the things that you and your workers can gain from our hazard awareness program include:

  • The ability to identify hazardous chemicals
  • Acquiring and maintaining hazardous information within the workplace
  • Knowledge, training, and more

The best Avetta Assistance

Our Avetta compliance program was designed to take your business to the next level. We will protect your business by creating a safety program guaranteed to comply with Avetta.

Our top-notched Avetta compliance procedure ensures that you enjoy peace of mind while we do all the work – documentation, upload, follow-up – for you. We know your time is precious since you have a business to run and that’s why we guarantee efficient service and fast results.

There is no need for you to monitor your compliance now and then. Opting for our program means that your account is being monitored daily to make sure it projects a positive image to current and potential clients.

The chief goal of our programs is to help your business get Avetta’s approval. So we guarantee that you will get good grades and maintain your contract or Master Service Agreement (MSA) compliance to bid jobs for potential clients.

Illness prevention Program

Our illness prevention program promotes a safe and healthy workplace for employees in compliance with the OSHA law that protects your employees against illnesses. Opt for this program if you want to protect your workers’ health and safety by preventing illnesses inside the workplace.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Service

    The Personal Protective Program or PPE service evaluates and implements the general guidelines in producing a protective mechanism between the hazards and the workers inside the workplace. 

    It entails the checking of any danger inside the workplace that can affect the different parts of the body – eyes, head, face, hands and feet, and procuring the appropriate protective equipment for the workers.

    Our PPE services include the following:

    • Electrical protection
    • Fall protection
    • Feet protection
    • Eyes and face protection
    • Respiratory protection
    • Hearing protection
    • Protective clothing
    • Gloves, hard hats and more

    We serve in the following places:

    If you want to get started with your compliance, feel free to contact us at 780-832-5158 and our friendly and knowledgeable administrators will answer your questions and guide you through the process of getting the best program for your company.


    What does Avetta mean?

    Avetta platform was designed to help contractors find clients that match or exceed their health and safety standards. To comply with Avetta, you should upload certain documents to an Avetta account.

    If you are an employer, Avetta compliance is your first step towards working on that dream project. Our Avetta Safety Program will allow you to work with clients that require Avetta certification.

    How can I become Avetta-compliant?

    Becoming Avetta-compliant is not rocket science. But it can be a long and time-consuming process if you do it on your own. So if you’re always on a tight schedule, it would be more convenient to hire a professional who would do the work of becoming compliant for you.

    To be Avetta-complaint, you must follow these steps: 

    • Register and set up an Avetta account online 
    • Answer the corresponding questionnaires
    • Collect the needed documents
    • Secure your certificate of insurance
    • Upload your documents
    • Wait while Avetta reviews your account
    • Become qualified
    • Get your certification

    Those are the steps to become Avetta compliant. If you don’t have the time to do those steps, we can always provide quality assistance. We’ll help you get a “green flag status” that enables you to work with potential clients requiring Avetta certification.

    Will my safety programs be updated?

    With CORtek Safety, you can be sure that your safety programs will be updated on time. Our safety professionals will stay on top of regulatory changes and do routine updates to make sure that you stay compliant whenever regulatory changes occur.

    Is Avetta Certification ensured?

    Yes, it is. Our safety professionals will make sure you are all set so you can bid on that prospective project immediately. If your safety program isn’t Avetta certified, you can upgrade your safety program to make sure you get Avetta certification.

    CORtek’s Fast and Effective Safety Process

    Our company follows a very efficient process to help you become safety compliant.
    We’ve created a step-by-step process to make sure we cover everything and leave no stone unturned.

    #1 Account Setup

    If you haven’t done Avetta before, we can help you set up an account. Avetta’s membership fee will be excluded from our service fees. Nevertheless, if you already have an existing Avetta account, there is no need for you to pay the membership fee because we’ll gather the information to the startup command of our service.

    #2 Create a Top-notched Safety Program

    After setting your Avetta account with us, we will start working on your clients’ requirements. We will create a dynamic safety program that will serve your company best and meet your clients’ requirements within your account.

    Should there be other client requirements such as OSHA logs, we will secure them for you. Again, you don’t have to worry about your schedule because our professional staff at CORtek Safety will manage everything for you.

    #3 Answer Questionnaires

    The next step is to answer the questionnaires that generally come with the setup of your account. There are over 2000 questions, but you don’t have to break a sweat because we will answer them for you.

    The questions generally involve the safety programs and procedures related to your business and industry. These also involve statistics for your company and other related information.

    We will guarantee that the answers contain all the essential details to present your company in the best light. We will help you get the best score – surpassing your previous safety performance score.

    #4 Upload Essential Information and Documents

    Once we’ve acquired all the essential information and produced the required documents, we’ll then upload them into your Avetta account. We’ll do all the hassle and research needed to get your insurance certificates and worker’s compensation information and upload them.

    #5 Make a thorough Account Review

    After uploading all documents and requirements, Avetta will then do a thorough review of your account. Avetta’s complete account review generally takes 1-3 weeks and all you need to do at this point is wait for the results.

    #6 Get Approved

    Once your Avetta account is reviewed and graded, and you’ve met all the requirements to get a high grade, you will get approval from your clients. If you happen to encounter unexpected problems with your account, we’ll make sure to notify you and offer the best solution.

    #7 Get Feedback

    We put our client’s interest first. So don’t hesitate to give feedback on our services after you get them. We’ll check with you days after your approval to see if you’re satisfied with our services. We also welcome any suggestions on how to make our services even better.

    We will appreciate your feedback and make the necessary changes to improve our services as needed. We want to continue providing top-notch Avetta compliance service, and you are always welcome to consult with us any time!

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    One of the best ways to ensure that your business runs smoothly is to be compliant with all the local and federal health and safety regulations. Aside from the fact that hiring clients requires it, it also reflects your outstanding health and safety programs and solidifies your good reputation in the industry.

    Start your Avetta compliance journey today! Contact us at 780-832-5158 today!

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