Perhaps, you might be wondering why the need for health and safety services is often emphasized for all workplaces. 

Health & safety services are often advised for worker’s health and safety in the workplace as many physical challenges could arise at work that may injure or cause a worker’s illness. Thus, the need for health and safety services is often repeated to make each business comply. 

Due to the physical struggles and challenges in the workplace that may lead to workplace injuries, most developed countries like Canada have their own agency to establish health and safety regulations. This is to protect both the worker’s and employer’s wellbeing and financial means. 

Health and safety services’ importance is crucial at any workplace, be it in the construction, oil and gas industry or any other business enterprise. It protects not only you and your workers but also your subcontractors, customers, visitors and even the general public. It also conveys if you are a responsible employer or not. 


Why are Health and Safety Services Important?

Health and safety services are necessary as they are the basis for establishing workplace safety and health for all workplaces. There are many safety services in Canada to meet the demand for work safety in the country.

According to Health and Safety Act 1974, you have a duty as a business owner to care for and protect your workers, subcontractors, customers and the general public. Thus, it’s always best to adhere to health and safety laws to avoid losing staff that may cost you more to bring in new workers to your company. It may also cause you to lower your retention rates and profitability.

Not adhering to the health and safety laws will face fines and imprisonment, risking your business image. There’s also a possibility that you will lose your business in the process. 


Why is Health and Safety Services Crucial for Workplace Safety?

Health and safety services are crucial for workplace safety because they serve as the torch to help your business meet the health and safety standards of Ontario Safety Associations, among others. It also establishes good working conditions for your workers, sub-contractors and other people concerned. 

If you want to have insights regarding the benefits that you can get from the health & safety services, contact your local safety company for their experienced safety consultant to answer your inquiries. Having a workplace safety consultant by your side will help you ensure that all the workplace concerns and possible workplace hazards will have an effective solution. 

To dive into the duties of a workplace safety consultant, you may proceed below.


Duties of a Safety Consultant

  • Inspect machinery and safety gears

  • Ensure proper operation

  • Establish worker’s protection

  • Present safety information to workers and management

  • Implementing the knowledge related to industrial workplace hazards

  • Inspect and determine possible OSHA and safety hazards

  • Documenting recommendations

  • Do risk assessments and provide training to decrease workplace injuries and hazards

  • Make improvement strategies to improve health and safety in the workplace. 

These are some of the vital works or key responsibilities of safety consultants. They have indispensable roles in implementing workplace safety for your worker’s well-being along with your sub-contractors and the general public. 


Reasons Why Health & Safety Services are Vital

It is your duty and moral responsibility as a company owner to promote workplace safety and health for employees and other people concerned. Safety and health services provide you with effective workplace health and safety procedures’ implementation to lower potential health and safety hazards and WCB claims


 A safety company can help you manage safety risks and make improvements to health and safety strategies for better workplace safety. Below are the reasons why health and safety services are vital for any business. 


  • It prevents workplace injuries and illness.

Health and safety services reduce and prevent workplace injuries and illness by identifying OSHA and safety hazards. Safety companies can provide safety assessments and training to your workers to forestall unlikely events to happen in the workplace. 


  • Safety management software

A health and safety company also has excellent safety management software that can help supervise everything – from your worker’s safety, compliance and your subcontractor’s time in and out. You can monitor everything without having to go out of your way to visit one of your company’s locations. With the safety management software, you will have everything you need to know right about your workers and compliance to health and safety regulations right at your fingertips. 


  • Increase productivity and lowers injuries or workplace accidents

Having a health and safety program like COR safety, SE-COR safety and British Columbia safety at your disposition will help you eliminate the root causes of unproductivity, which are workplace accidents and illnesses. With the accurate implementation of your health and safety programs, you will have increased productivity in your company by lowering injuries, accidents and other workplace mishaps. 


  • Boost your company’s image

One of the best things in hiring a safety company to manage your health & safety programs is to boost your company’s image and demonstrate your competence to handle incidents in your company. Exceptional safety and health management attract potential owner-client and talented, hardworking workers to add to your skilled workforce.


Steps to Promote Health and Safety in the Workplace

Find out the various ways you can promote health and safety in the workplace. 


  • Ensure to train your staff in health and safety.

Training your company staff in health and safety will make a big difference in your company. Making them know about the new policies or regulations in safety and health that they should follow religiously. 


  • Identify your safety needs and buy the right tools or software.

 To promote better health and safety in the workplace, you must identify your existing health and safety program to see if you can consolidate its use into your policies and training programs by conducting an assessment. 


  • Document the policies

Ensure to backed training with complete, written policies so that your employees will have guidance on what to do during an incident in the workplace. This way, they will know how to respond to different incident circumstances that can possibly happen in the workplace. 

Your documented policies should include the following:

  • General statement on health and safety

  • Ways you intend to manage your health and safety programs

  • Detailed information of the person responsible for the health and safety of your organization.

  • Documented policies also include the risks to your business and what solution you made to eliminate the dangers. 


Policies should have a yearly review to comply with the safety standards. Make sure to put the detailed information of the person who will be responsible for the health and safety of your company as this person will act as your Occupational Health and Safety Officer and will be responsible for carrying out various procedures, such as the following:

  • Health and safety audits

  • Emergency responses

  • Engaging staffs in safety programs

  • Provide safety management

  • Advice and monitoring

  • Reporting in the workplace

  • Guarantee safe practices in the workplace

  • Regular inspection of machinery

  • Promote safety actions

  • Organize safety programs

  • Handle regular meetings and impart best safety practices in the industry.


These are only some of the responsibilities of your Occupational Health and Safety Officer in your company. Thus, opting for the top safety company to manage and train your staff is essential. It serves as a deciding point if your health and safety program like the COR and SE-COR will be effective or not. 

For more information about health and safety services in your place, you may contact your local health and safety company and inquire about their services.

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