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The Certificate of Recognition (COR) Health & Safety Programs

Have the ultimate accreditation certificate that meets the industry standards with CORtek’s Certificate of Recognition (COR) Safety Programs.

CORtek Safety Solutions offers a wide range of safety services that help organizations plan, build, implement, and maintain health & safety programs that meet the national standards. We offer various safety programs that help you meet the national standards when it comes to health and safety concerns.

We have our premier COR Health and Safety program, along with our SECOR Safety program and the Isnetworld Compliance to help you become compliant with the national health and safety standards in doing business. Our Safety Consultants will be more than happy to talk with you. Call us today!

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The Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program
The COR Program certification is the pinnacle level of accreditation verification of a company’s health and safety that undergo & implemented a comprehensive health and safety program inside their organization. CORtek Safety Solutions offers this program to help organizations reach the national standards of occupational health & safety, which is the key to getting government and other large, lucrative projects.

With us, you can guarantee quick, efficient health & safety management systems that can help you pass any external audits and earn your COR certification using our valued safety manuals.

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COR Objective

The objective of COR is to give organizations the information and instruments to create viable health and safety management systems to distinguish shortcomings that can prompt expensive working environment injuries and occurrences. The COR program promotes workplace safety that prevents accidents or injuries in the workplace. 

COR is the national standard in the safety industry that reduces incidents and their correlated human and business costs. COR certification is generally required as a pre-qualification or contract requirement by public and construction private buyers across Canada. It ensures the health and safety of the workers and provides workplace safety, in general. A significant number of industry-leading Canadian companies are all COR certified to meet the national standards when it comes to health and safety. 

Undergo our COR Program today and get certified to establish your company solidly in the industry.

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    Benefits of COR Program Certification/span>

    Possessing a COR Certification has immense benefits for your organizations. Underneath are some of the advantages that you can gain in having a COR certificate on your side. 

    • Mishap Prevention & Cost Savings

    COR certified organizations encounter lowered financial expenses related to injuries and occurrences that influence the organization’s monetary main concern. A decent safety record will upgrade an association’s standing in the business due to the safety manual’s implementation. 

    Employers have discovered an assessment of their health and safety program is a powerful method to recognize an association’s shortcomings to be revised. This occurrence can prompt enhancements in the system, and fewer employee injuries and lesser job interruptions will add to a more productive and beneficial organization.

    • Pre-bid 

    COR certification is a pre-bid prerequisite for some purchasers of construction across. Qualifying your company to bid puts your organization at a good advantage over those that aren’t COR certified. The COR program is frequently referred to by development proprietors and contractors to find employers with an exhibited obligation to mishap prevention.

    • Due Diligence

    The documentation and general safety mindfulness created by the COR process may likewise give proof of due ingenuity if your organization received an accusation of an Occupational Health and Safety offense. Through the process of training, program advancement, and implementation, organizations form a more viable association that cares for the safety of the workers and promotes the company’s health and safety fight to implement workplace safety.

      COR Program Fields

      At CORtek Safety, no matter what industry you are in, we can build and implement health and safety programs best tailored for your company and industry type. Below are some of the fields we are accustomed to tailoring health & safety management systems.


      As a leading health & safety program provider in Canada, we likewise offer our agricultural health & safety programs to ensure workers and agricultural workplaces to be safe from injuries, illnesses and diseases with our safe work practices.


        Whatever kind of work you do in the oil field, we have you covered. Regardless of whether it is a service rig or a liquid hauler, we can construct a program for your business. We can get you a temporary letter of certification quickly to begin your work as soon as possible.


          The construction field is one of the dangerous workplaces in Canada, approximately risky to mining and forestry. With CORtek Safety, we can build a health & safety management system for your workplace to prevent hazards from happening to your workers. 

          Protect your workers, forge a safe & secured workplace for them, and solidify your business credibility in the industry with our COR Health & Safety Certification Program.

            COR Program Specific for Your Needs

            We build COR Safety Programs tailored based on your business type and workaround on what your company needs to achieve efficient health & safety management systems. We cater to a wide range of safety programs for various companies in Canada.  

            With CORtek Safety Programs, it won’t matter if you are in an oil company in Alberta, a manufacturer in Ontario, or what type of business you have. We have extensive custom-built health & safety programs best suited for your company type and needs.

            You can also hire us solely for consultation purposes, as well as developing safety programs. We can check what you already have, or we can start from scratch if you are uncertain about what to do concerning your health & safety management systems. 



            Building a COR Program

            Irrespective of what industry your business belongs to, we have always been a great source of help to various company types. We build strategically efficient safety programs for Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Construction, and even the Farming or Agricultural field.

            We first consult with you, build your manual professionally, and train your safety person to maintain your program effectively even after our work with you is done. This way, you can save money by preventing yourself from hiring a safety company to sustain the program. We likewise do mock audits to make sure you are compliant.

            We correct any insufficiencies found and fix them to guarantee your success in passing the external audit and gain your Certificate of Recognition (COR) and start bidding for larger projects. In CORtek’s Safety, we will be with you throughout your COR certification journey. With us, you can get through the certification process shortly and have temporary letters after the thorough manual development.

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            Maintaining A COR Program

            Let CORtek Safety handle the heavy lifting of your safety program while you focus on your whole being to managing your business affairs. We do extensive incident investigations, site inspections, running the monthly health & safety meetings, and guiding the health & safety committee.

            We can shift your programs to electronic and manage several stats from offices. Set yourself apart from costly strategies and initiatives that don’t work. Call CORtek Safety Solutions today at 780-832-5158, and we will guide you through the right track of health & safety management systems that works.

            Electronic Safety Program

            This digital management application is profoundly versatile to any business and can track anything from subcontractor hours to equipment hours. It is ideal for an organization with several branches to trace. Staying compliant has never been simpler. 

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            Electronic Safety Program

            All COR Programs need an external audit for it to come into effect. The external COR program audit ranges from $3,000.00 for small companies and $12,000.00 for large employers with 300 to 500 employees. It’s best to know that these given prices are not part of the COR program costs but solely for the external audit. 

            Audits time frames differ in each province. The time frame for most regions is three months minimum of documentation and twelve months maximum of documentation. 

            Some organizations offer a temporary certification of recognition, while others do not. With us, we can provide you promptly with a temporary certificate so you can start your project ASAP, along with our safety manual.

            Modified Work Program

            Setting up a modified work program is what we do best at CORtek Safety. We do Modified Work Programs that are highly mandatory in the province of Alberta. A good modified work program can help you save costs from the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) as the wages they payout goes against your organization’s ratings.

            If contractors see too many claims in your company, they will instantly recognize the high injury frequency rate that discourages them from hiring your company for their projects. We often manage WCB claims for our clients to ensure deduced cost per case. 

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            How We Work

            • We train one of your workers in health and safety and thoroughly work with them for 3 to 6 months while the company builds documentation in preparation for the certification audit.
            • We create a manual tailored based on your company’s needs.
            • We implement all of the latest policies and educate all your employees via safety meetings.
            • We do mock audits to get performance issues fixed.
            • Then we represent you throughout the external audit.
            • Finally, we correct all audit insufficiencies and turn over a comprehensive working program to your auditor.

            Why Choose CORtek As Your Safety Partner?

            COR Guaranteed

            We are known for our exemplary safety programs that work and meet the national standards. We will work with you throughout the process until you achieve your COR certification goal. We offer a money-back guarantee if our health and safety program doesn’t lead you to where you’re supposed to b


            Time is perhaps the only resource that you cannot earn back. Thus, it’s pivotal to go directly to a leading safety program partner like CORtek Safety than waste precious time browsing for policies and procedures that might not work. Time is currency, and you won’t want to spend it imprudently for unfruitful results.

            At COrtek’s, we offer cost-effective services like our comprehensive SE-COR Safety Manual that cost only $2,500.00 inclusive of your first audit. We likewise have our COR Manual that starts at $4,000.00 to $15,000 depending on your employees’ count.

            When you choose us as your safety partner, we will comprehensively train one of your staff to act as your safety coordinator after our job with you is done. This way, you can save some money from hiring a safety company every time. The trained safety coordinator will watch over the implementation of the safety manual to promote workplace safety continuously. 

            We can do a year of consultation for you as a part of the service package. We will be there for you throughout the external audit process and fix any deficiencies and resolve them. We can likewise furnish you with first-year updates for FREE.

            Creation & Operation

            At CORtek Safety, we don’t solely create safety programs; we run them as well. For small companies with three to four employees, it’s cheaper to hire us. We come in monthly and do safety meetings, orientation, or do site inspections. Our price starts at $1,500.00 per month. We do everything for you, inclusive of yearly audits and reporting to agencies.

            The price covers keeping the ISN and Complyworks up-to-date and updating any Review and Verification Services (RAVS). When you choose CORtek to be your partner, you have the assurance that you are compliant with the current regulations, allowing you to have laser-focus attention towards your business using our safework practices.

            Digital Reporting

            We have our latest electronic program that makes reporting as easy as clicking your mouse. Our new electronic program is excellent for business owners who have multiple branches. Owners can directly have the stats from remote company branches at their fingertips. You can immediately see if the new workers are being oriented right on your screen. 

            You can likewise track maintenance costs for each piece of equipment you own and upload pictures on the system with your cellphone for inspections and incidents.

            For more advanced technology, working safety manuals and best safework practices, contact us today!

            Maintaining & Tracking Sub-Contractors

            We also maintain and track subcontractor’s performance for prime contractors as well. We incorporate particular items that prime contractors demand their sub-contractors to follow into their safety programs. We thoroughly educate sub-contractors on their responsibilities as they work for the prime contractor. 

            This service includes doing inspections for compliance on sub-contractors on behalf of the prime contractor and creates reports of compliance monthly. If you are a prime contractor, regardless of size, you know that it’s your responsibility to ensure your sub-contractors are working within the set of rules you have set out for them. 

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            With COR Certification being a prerequisite on the national level, it’s best to build a health & safety program that puts you in the leverage of compliance. With this, you can raise your credibility level and bid on lucrative projects in any part of the country. 

            At CORtek Safety, we can help you develop, implement, and maintain your safety program regardless of your business type or the industry where you belong. We have custom-made solutions tailored to fill the needs of your organization’s health & safety concerns. 

            Contact us at 780-832-5158 today or use the form below!

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