One misconception we would like to address is that you are in some way exempt from the health and wellness of your sub-contractors while they are operating in your name.?

The best method to handle your sub-contractors is to have a sub-contractor work monitoring strategy. Your sub-contractors must have the work monitoring strategy before they can benefit you. Your strategy needs to cover whether you want them to have their WCB or safety and security programsCor or Se-cor accredited. Detail any extra qualifications that you feel they ought to have.

Along with the needs mentioned above, you need likewise to be asking for a clearance letter from them quarterly in addition to a WCB price sheet on an annual basis. You will certainly wish to contrast the price they are paying versus the market’s typical price. Preferably, they must be paying much less than the sector price.

Furthermore, you ought to relate them to what reporting treatments for points like dangers, near misses, and occurrences. Make them mindful that you will need them to participate in all task websites, health and wellness conferences, or tool kit conferences. Suppose you have not yet created a sub-contractor administration strategy. You can google Canada’s finest techniques for sub-contractor administration and obtain some valuable pointers.?

Please keep in mind that you must inform and specify in a sub-contractor administration strategy that you are exempt from sub-contractor health and wellness programs. Otherwise, you will be discovered accountable by merit on nondisclosure. In this instance, you need to inform them regarding the accountability in Alberta employment standards and Alberta contractors law.?

Hoping that we give you the distinction between employees and sub-contractors as for obligation for health and wellness.

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