So how does one secure a SECOR? Is it difficult to get one or is it worth the money? The great thing about SECOR Programs is they are available online and can easily be accessed with just a few clicks. Here are the five easy steps to follow to be awarded with SECOR Certification.

In the world of business, where dominance is powered not by wealth alone but with wise decisions and better judgments, it is always the best idea to equip oneself with all the necessary requirements to stay on top of the game – from acquiring the latest machinery to securing the most advanced security system – there is no limit in seeking for more efficient ways to establish a working space envied by many. Small businesses are no exceptions. They need to know that a company will deem insignificant if it fails to look after its most valuable assets – its employees. No technology or amount of profit can rival the important roles played by the company’s employees. Small businesses need to strive harder in this competitive world and one of the most effective ways to do this is to acquire a Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR).

SECOR certification is required for companies with less than ten employees that have achieved the provincial standard for health and safety programs. One employee is chosen to attend the program. The programs are designed to minimize the risks and accidents from happening within the workplace. It labels the company as a place where employees are well trained to handle unexpected situations that can be a threat to other employees or to the working space.

What is the relevance of SECOR in managing a small business? Can it affect its status in business if one chooses to ignore it? SECOR is highly relevant and should never be ignored. Let us just say that without SECOR, the company losses its significance because it plainly shows that it has no health and safety management system, or it does not meet the standard set by the provincial board. With this oversight, it creates an image that its working environment is not a safe and healthy place.

So how does one secure a SECOR? Is it difficult to get one or is it worth the money? The great thing about SECOR Programs is they are available online and can easily be accessed with just a few clicks.

Here are the five easy steps to follow to be awarded with SECOR Certification.


1. Register and be a member of a SECOR Program.

The first step is to register as a member to fully access the programs and enjoy the benefits each program offers. Fill in the company’s name and other important information for easy verification. Members are entitled to affordable rates and extensive lists of courses and programs that they can enroll in to advance their professional career or to gear themselves with the necessary training that can greatly benefit the company. In addition to these, members get to stay updated with the trends and seminars in the industry that can level up their knowledge and skills.


2. Complete the required SECOR training.

The employees must undergo 16-hour training/webinars. The training is specifically designed to help companies develop and implement their very own safety and health program that perfectly fits their objectives and goals. The program is in adherence to the current and updated protocols set by the provincial body.

At the end of the program, the employees are expected to be knowledgeable and well versed in the language and objectives of health and safety management and this includes easily identify and define the vital components of the health and safety programs, to present the proper ways to incorporate these vital components in the company and to show the appropriate channels to communicate and engage the management and other employees with the company’s health and safety programs. Whenever employees are cornered with unpleasant situations, they tend to panic which can lead to a more chaotic setting. With the program, the employees are trained to recognize the right and safe ways to follow for a more thorough and systematic plan of action. Another important aspect of the program is to help companies develop and implement a health and safety management system that is cost-effective. This kind of management system does not need to be expensive; it just needs to be practical and functional.

These are just some of the benefits of taking the course. The employees will certainly see the benefits of this program in terms of their personal and professional growth. The employees taking up this program have three attempts to score 80% or higher to be eligible for the certificate. The validity of the certificate is good for three years and when the time is up, the employees have to take a refresher course to stay updated with the changes and improvements of the health and safety programs.


3. Develop and implement the company’s health and safety management program.

Once the training is done, it is now time to put these theories into action. The third step is to implement the program. It is important to note that this step is the best way to show that the training has been a success. Companies can now develop their own health and safety management system. The system may vary from company to company depending on their policies but the most important part is the key elements or components that will help and secure better health and safety management. The company has to create a health and safety management manual that enumerates the guidelines and rules that management and employees have to follow. Cortek Safety Solutions’ consultants can help out in assisting and reviewing the prepared management system.

Developing a health and safety management program does not happen overnight. Some companies allot a minimum of six months to fully engage the program. The management and the employees need to be aware and cooperative in implementing the program. The program can only serve its purpose when the people involved know its importance and benefits.


4. Submit the company for a health and safety management audit.

The fourth step is for the company to get an audit on its overall performance in implementing the health and management system. Audit is the technical term used to look closely and do a comprehensive assessment of the company’s health and management program. It must be done by a qualified and certified auditor to verify and evaluate if the company has interjected the key elements essential to the program and to document and review the techniques being practiced. Employees are interviewed and on-site observations are done to fully analyze the health and safety management system and how it works.

For small businesses, they can train an employee to be their internal auditor. This employee is tasked to completely assess and checked if the company has achieved its desired result in implementing the health and safety program.

A 12-month documentation is highly suggested to qualify for the SECOR certification. This certification is valid for three years. For the first year, a certification of Self- Audit Assessment is required, and the company must get at least an 80% rating of its overall performance. In the next two years, the company has to complete another two self-assessments. These two assessments are for maintenance audits and if the company scores lower than 80%, its certification will not be invalidated. They just have to review and revised the protocols that may have caused the decline of the score.

For the company to maintain its certification, it must undergo internal auditing every three years.


5. Get SECOR certified and be recognized.

Once the audit is done, the last step is to finally secure that certification. The company needs to maintain or better yet, constantly and consistently observe excellent health and management system to be fully recognized in the industry. There is no room for mediocre management systems because there are always third-party agencies like Cortek Safety Solutions that will help in upholding one’s status. The health and safety management programs are established to promote a safe and secure working place for everyone and to maintain its significance, companies are required to follow strictly the key elements.

Companies are expected to complete each step within the suggested timeframe to be qualified for SECOR. Deadlines may also differ in different areas so it is important to contact Cortek Safety Solutions for more information.

Small businesses are bound to grow exponentially if they are willing to spare money, time, and effort to make certain that all their employees are working in a place that they feel comfortable and safe. Employees, on the other hand, show gratitude through their commitment, service, and loyalty to the company that puts their welfare and well-being on top of everything. SECOR certification is tangible proof that the company is willing to take the necessary steps not just to be ahead in the industry but to be an exemplary leader in managing well the health and safety systems within the company.

If you are ready to take a leap of faith for the industry to recognize and applaud your company, let Cortek Safety Solutions pave the way for you. We promote quality health and safety management programs that will make a difference in the lives of your employees.

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