Sustainable resources require a COR or Secor safety program registered with work safe Alberta. They will accept asked safety plan in certain circumstances but this is more often for one opportunity only and will not get you on their working list. Right now sustainable resources have two lists that they set up. The first list is for their preferred subcontractors that have COR or Secor safety programs and the second list is basically for emergencies where they?ve used everybody on the first list and still need help. This does happen from time to time but you would want to get on the first list to ensure that you?re probably going to get some work out of the summer. They do not accept temporary letters of certification or any other letters from certifying partners suggesting that you have started your COR program. They want an actual certificate from the government with your Secor or COR number and an expiry date.

If you have not already started your Secor or COR program you will probably not get in their system this year but here areCOR a few pointers for what to do. After keeping the documentation for a minimal time of three months you can submit as certification audit to your certifying partner and they will give you your COR or Secor if you meet the requirements. This is only in your certification year and all other years must have a full year of documentation in order to apply. The good news is the month in which you started your COR program is also the first month for documentation so you really only need two months plus the months you started in order to get your Secor.

COR audits, of course, have to be audited by an outside source acceptable to the certifying partner. They usually have a list of auditors you can choose from on their website. This is something that probably wouldn?t work out too well if you got an audit within three months of starting your COR program. They want three months of documentation in each of the areas and if you miss an area you will not have sufficient documentation to pass the audit with three months of documentation.
Always find out from the prime contractor you want to work for what requirements they want from you as far as safety goes. Some will accept Secor, others might only accept COR and there is no hard and fast rule as to what they will accept. If you?re thinking of building a safety program and you don?t know where to start then I suggest you phoned the people you plan on working for and find out what they require from you. Good luck with all your future safety program developments

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