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Turn Safety into a competitive advantage with CORtek Safety’s top-notch Premier Compliance Services! We provide quality support materials, safety programs and services designed to make you compliant with your industry’s regulations and standards.

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Reliable Compliance Company in Canada

Our safety company has a track record of being one of the most reliable in Canada. As your compliance officer, we will manage the PEC® pre-qualification process for you. We will guide and assist you in your journey from start to finish. As your virtual compliance officer, we serve you in the following (but not limited to) ways:

  • Answering all questionnaires.
  • Collecting all the required information
  • Verifying all prerequisite documents
  • Uploading all the required documents
  • Communicating with your insurance agent to confirm your insurance certificate

Our team of safety compliance professionals have expert knowledge on PEC® compliance pro platforms and will work to ensure that you are qualified for compliance. If you already have a PEC safety program, we can check its effectiveness and fill in any gaps so it can reach the required standard.


The materials and procedures in the new program would be tailored to the requirements of your company and its clients to ensure qualification.

Once we discover some rifts, we will custom-build the materials required to ensure your qualification. Once you’re qualified, we can maintain your compliance and good reputation by monitoring your PEC® account and making sure it is up to date.

If you want to assess your need for a safety company, opt for FREE ASSESSMENT so you can make an informed decision. We also provide advice so you can better understand the requirements and gaps within your program. If you want recommendations, we can also provide a FREE QUOTE for you. 

Our PEC® Service Process

CORtek Safety follows a fast and effective step-by-step process in providing services to valued customers.

#1 Free Assessment

Our company believes in free information and that’s why we provide a free assessment to potential clients. If you want to know the real status of your program and determine whether there are gaps in them, you can take advantage of our free assessment. We will share information on the steps and requirements to make you PEC® compliant.

#2 Account Management

Our dedicated account manager will manage your account by collecting data, answering questions, documentation and facilitating the production of safety materials.

#3 Gap Analysis and Grade Review

A gap analysis and grade review of your account will be conducted to identify important issues and make sure that they are resolved. We will keep you posted and work with you on any changes and solutions that could be implemented along the way.

#4 Compliance and Account Maintenance

We will monitor your account regularly and make the necessary adjustments to meet new requirements and maintain your compliance.

Inclusions in Our PEC® Compliance Services


  • Custom-made safety manuals that meet the client’s or auditors’ safety requirements.
  • Provision of updated assessment training and the required training documents
  • Upload of required materials and documents
  • Remove safety flaws, fill in gaps, and upload your Certificate of Insurance of COI and other data required by your clients
  • Provide a digital copy of your certificates and materials

Custom-made Safety Manuals with Training

  • Write specific and individualized chapters
  • Upload required chapters into your PEC® account
  • Send a digital copy of your updated safety manual
  • Provide a specified safety training program that meets your company’s and hiring client’s requirements 

Account Maintenance

  • Account monitoring and review
  • Timely response to quarterly account updates
  • Upload of updated documentation such as insurance, OSHA logs, and more.

Why Work with Us?

We’re responsible for some of the best PEC compliance services in Canada. We’ve helped businesses save more money by fulfilling their pre-qualification and compliance needs through our OSHA-compliant training solutions.

Our proven solutions for contractor and account management will be your key to getting the best grade and get your owner client’s approval. Our customer service is incomparable and geared towards providing the best satisfaction to our clients.


Why is it important to get approved by the PEC verification service?

Getting approved by a verification service such as PEC can help you achieve PEC Compliance and Certification that are generally required by the owner clients before you can work with them. Without approval from a safety verification service like PEC, you may not be able to bid for projects or connect with any hiring clients.

Why do I need to become a PEC member?

Being a PEC member will enable you to connect with clients that use this verification service to manage and approve their contractors and suppliers based on their health and safety performance.

What are the requirements needed to be PEC compliant?

Like most procurement procedures, you will need to submit some pre-requisite documents to get started. One of the most important requirements is the Certificate of Insurance (COI). This is very important liability insurance that covers the costs of accidents that might happen inside the workplace. This will cover hospitalization costs but generally has coverage limits, depending on the type of products or services you render.

Other insurance-related documents you will need are the Experience Modification Rate (EMR) letter. This letter is provided by your insurance provider and contains an estimate of the company’s risks based on your organization’s previous injury claims and safety performance within the industry.

You will also need the OSHA 300 logs, which are generally required if your manpower reaches up to 10 or more employees. These logs should contain records of your workplace injuries within the last 3 years.

Is there a chance for a new company to be approved?

Absolutely! Becoming a member of verification services like PEC isn’t only for well-established companies. Those that want to thrive in the industry are all welcome to register, get approved and become lifelong compliant members of PEC.

Since most clients require their contractors to be compliant with PEC safety verification services, it’s always best to take immediate action to get PEC approval. The sooner you do it, the sooner you will become certified and get many job opportunities within your industry. 

CORtek Safety will ensure you get approved by creating safety programs tailored for your company’s industry and hiring client’s requirements.

How long does it take to be compliant?

After your membership with PEC is secured, we will submit the documents required by PEC within 24-48 hours and wait for 2 weeks for the complete account review.

What are the benefits of working with us?

We provide tailored solutions and services for your specific compliance needs. Our safety company works in providing customer satisfaction and that’s why we provide excellent service and deliver results on time. 

We work efficiently and leave no stones unturned from account setup to maintenance and update – we got you covered. We will not leave you hanging through the entire process and that’s why we remain transparent and communicate with you every step of the way.

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