One of the hardest things to do in health and safety is to manage the work with the money you have to get it done. Obviously, you want to get the work done and protect your workers, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars doing it and being overpriced won’t get any jobs anytime soon.

So how do you manage to get this done, it starts by enlisting everyone’s cooperation so that no one person is doing more than their share. This doesn’t mean you don’t need somebody to take charge and make sure that everything is being done correctly but it does mean that you need to hold all staff including management accountable for their part in the health and safety program.

If no one else helps in the health and safety program, then the job becomes very and cumbersome and people

start getting frustrated and eventually they give up on the safety program until they have suitable help.

Does it not make sense for supervisors to do field inspections while they are managing the crew? Does it not make sense that truck drivers do a pre-trip on their unit before driving it and keep the records for the safety program.

Once everyone is doing their small part to keep the documentation flowing in the health and safety program you will have time to evaluate the paperwork coming in and determine if training might be needed for some of the workforce filling out papers. The philosophy is similar to teach a man to fish! he will be able to look after himself forever. If you teach the workers what the papers in the safety program mean and why they need to be filled out and how to fill them out they will be able to fill out the papers in the future and you will not have to.

It?s far easier to teach people which papers to fill out and when to fill them out then it is to try to do all the paperwork yourself. I have quite a bit of experience running health and safety programs and I will be the first to tell you that if you are planning on doing all the work you are doomed to fail. Eventually things will be missed, and the workers are not being taught how to spot hazards and plan control measure to control them.

Yes, education of the workers is 80% of the success rate in a successful health and safety program. I hope this helps you moving forward.

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