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ISNetworld® Compliance

CORtek Safety Solutions provide a wide range of exceptional Isnetworld Compliance services that meet the highest standards in your industry. We’re organized to manage all facets of the Isnetworld Compliance prequalification process.


ISNetworld® and Complyworks

CORtek Safety and our advisors can help you become ISN compliant by setting up an ISN account and managing the whole prequalification process on your behalf. We can do all the RAVS, answer all the questionnaires, upload documentation, and verify the accuracy of insurance certifications (COI) with your insurance provider.

We will gather all the important information, do a thorough assessment, then determine where we should focus to improve or enhance your existing program. The new, upgraded safety program we create will prepare your company for the meticulous ISN review and verification procedures.

We can manage your ISN account through the comprehensive process of account completion, account management, reporting, and more.

Account Completion

Our account completion process is suitable for companies who are just starting on their ISNetworld compliance. We will work on the first steps of account setup and completion and prepare it for evaluation by your client.

We help you through the initial process of getting your account up to speed and graded by your client. Below is what is involved for every account to get compliant. We have a customized health and safety program that fits your company’s needs and those of your client’s.

All together, CSS can:

  • Custom-make Health and Safety programs best tailored for your business.
  • Answer all the questionnaires properly for you.
  • Identify errors and do a GAP Analysis with you
  • Provide training documents
  • Absolute insurance liaison services
  • Creating and verifying established OSHA 300 logs 

Account Management

By allowing CORtek Safety Solutions to manage your ISNetworld account and deal with the challenges for you, you can assure yourself that all requirements are handled professionally. 

We offer a comprehensive account management system to keep your account 100% ISN compliant:

  • Regular Monitoring
  • Submission within 24 hours to 48 hours
  • Document uploads and Data Entry
  • Online Training Assistance
  • Tracker Service
  •  Insurance Liaison Service
  • Comprehensive OSHA Reporting Assistance
  • Impeccable Account Manager & Reviewer


With CORtek Safety, you can have your full attention towards your business and your clients while we do all the review and verification services (RAVS) for you.

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ISNetworld® Maintenance

Once you choose to sign up with us, you will never have to pay for your RAVS update. It’s all-inclusive in the maintenance. We will keep you compliant at all times and automatically update your insurance. You can sign up for our plan using your credit card conveniently.

* All the prices are in Canadian Dollars

Individual RAVs – Custom Consulting

If there isn’t much to do on your ISN, you can avail of our 3 RAVS for $75. After 3 RAVS, you’ll have to pay $65 for the succeeding 7 RAVS and so on. The RAVS upload will take place within 48 hours. If any inconsistencies or problems take place, we will fix them for free.

All you have to do is download the ISN Questionnaires, email them to us, and we will do the rest.

Get Your ISN Problems Solved Today

Being compliant with the Industry’s standards is crucial to any business. It can either make you or break you, depending on the partner that you choose to trust. With CORtek Safety, we will ensure the completion of your ISNetworld™ after you signed up with us. We will ultimately aim for grades A or B to boost your company’s credibility and have better chances of getting projects from owner clients.

Once you are up-to-date, you can sign up for our monthly program and pay only $150 per month. For that very affordable price, we will do all the compliance work for you with no extra charge. We will promptly upload your insurance, WCB rate statements, and other regulatory requirements to manage your program on time.

Prevent your company from having a red ISN label. This situation can put your company in a disadvantaged position where owner clients won’t trust you to handle their projects. Avoid this situation at any cost by hiring CORtek Safety Solutions to do the ISNetworld™ compliance work for you.

If you still can’t make up your mind, you can consult with our experienced administrators and ask questions about the things that you want to know for FREE. We can also provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE. 

Call us at 1-780-832-5158 and talk to Blake personally.


What is ISNetworld?

ISN is an online contractor management platform that manages and helps businesses with local and federal compliance requirements. They collect quality, health and safety, risk and regulatory information and documents requested by hiring clients.

Once everything is collected, the Review and Verification Services (RAVS) team will review the submitted data and check them for accuracy and relevance. They will also check the data’s timeliness to ensure that everything is within the required timeframe. 

Hiring clients use this information to connect with contractors that best meet their qualifications and requirements.

How much is the membership of ISN?

Both contractors and suppliers pay an annual fee to ISN based on the number of employees in your company. It’s also best to know that employee count is based on the three-year average. Check out 2021 Costs for ISNetworld for an updated information on the cost of ISN membership.

Why should I choose your company?

CORtek Safety is one of the leading safety companies in Canada that has helped many contractors and businesses manage their safety verification account and help contractors become compliant. We can help you simplify your qualification process by submitting your requirements on time. 

We will also create safety programs that are perfectly tailored for your company. As a testament of our company’s credibility, over 66% or our clients are repeat customers. 

Are there any benefits in using your services?

Absolutely! By helping you become compliant with ISN, you will be able to market your company and get exposed to more than 650 ISN hiring clients that use ISN services.

With us, you can also reduce your administrative work, drive improvement on your account and see your safety performance versus your competitors over time. You will also stay informed and get reminders to help keep your account up-to-date.

What our clients say

Yes I would recommend Cortek Safety Solution Ltd. Good to work with some one with the knowledge and experience in setting up our safety program to fit our business.

Mark Bryanton

Consultant, White Cap Resources

We have been using Blake and Cortek Safety since June of 2018. He set up our safety program, and also set up our ISNET and Complyworks accounts and is currently looking after both accounts for us as well. 

Blake has also been doing our SECOR audit for us as well since June 2018.

Blake has been excellent to deal with. Any little thing I need help with , he has taken the time to explain anything that I have asked.  He has been a very valuable part of our operation.  

Darrin Seidel

CEO, Rebound Oilfield Services Ltd.

Blake helped us with our SECOR audit and was very helpful. He guided us through practical and speedy solutions in a kind manner. We would recommend his services wholeheartedly!

Shirley Huth

CEO, Mar-Rik Trucking

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