If you’re a business owner required to be ISNetworld compliant, you might have some questions in your mind regarding ISNetworld.

ISN is a contractor management company that manages and monitors safety compliance standards for various industries such as manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, construction, and more. Currently, many hiring clients depend on ISN to review pieces of information given by the contractor. The company got established last 2001 to connect companies with reliable and dependable contractors to handle work projects.


What are the Requirements for Isnetworld Compliance?


-Completing the MSQ (Master Service Questionnaire).


-Providing general information about your company.


 Answering questions based on your safety manual programs.


-Providing company safety statistics.


 Answering questions concerning how you use your safety manual programs.


How Can You Get Approved?

ISN uses a scoring system that helps them determine if they will pass you or not. This scoring system involves several different criteria. Usually, the system uses a grading A to F. Having a grade of B or higher, your chances are high of getting the work you want. If not, you will not get the project without any modifications.

Scoring methods can vary depending upon the hiring client. Usually, there are 10 to 15 subcategories evaluated and scored by ISN. Below are some examples of usual subcategories :

Company information


-OSHA 300 and 300A forms for the last three years


-Experience Modification (EMR) letters from your worker’s compensation insurance company for the past three years


-Employee work hours, including overtime, for the last three years


 The average count of employees for the past three years


 NAICS number


-Insurance certificates


 Written safety programs


-Training documentation for your employees



If you have gathered all of the mentioned documents, you are ready to take the next step, the Management Safety Questionnaire.


Management Safety Questionnaire

Filling out the questionnaire is a crucial part of the ISNetworld? compliance process. The way you answer you answer your given questions will decide the requirements applicable to you.

Make sure that you block out 4-8 hours to finish the process. Be thorough and careful in answering the questions to avoid any mistakes. Remember that the questionnaire will ask questions about your safety policies, so you better remember them by heart. Avoid faking your answers and be truthful and accurate in your responses.


Insurance Verification

Another critical area of ISNetworld? is the insurance verification process. This area can have many complications due to the unique liability insurance requirements for each owner-client. Expect a strict verification process, so you better review your certificates of insurance thoroughly before sending them out to ISNetworld?.

Be careful of the following common errors that can cause the rejection of your certificates of insurance:


-Typographical Errors


 Wrong Company Address


 Wrong-Answered Insurance Questionnaires


-Vague Policy Cancellation on the Certificate of Insurance


 Missing Policy Types


-Poor Policy Limits


-Unmatched Language of Waiver of Subrogation to the Requirements



Be sure that your insurance agent is reliable and dependable to work with you to ensure all the information is correct and without any mistake in the certificate of insurance. You can also let your insurance agent upload your insurance certificate for you.



Experience Modification Letters, also known as EMR, are letters from your worker’s compensation insurance agent issued every year. Make sure that you input these letters to the right drop box for the past three years.

OSHA 300 Forms

OSHA 300 Forms are easy to submit if you already have them. Make sure that all your forms are complete and ensure to meet this requirement yearly. Check for any missing information on the forms to avoid getting rejected. Remember to be consistent with the information you entered into your MSQ as to your OSHA forms.



While working on our client’s ISNetworld? compliance, we noticed many of them have issues with their safety programs. You can use the following guide below.


Do an internal audit of your programs and compare them with the owner-operator you want to work with. Compare if your existing programs are qualified to their requirements.


Check which areas have any gaps and list them. Make sure to take corrective actions to ensure ISNetworld? Compliance.


Discover what is missing or needs to be amended in your safety programs to be ISNetworld compliant.


Review if your developed safety programs match with your company’s operations and discuss related hazards.


Implement the safety programs you submitted in ISNetworld in your company. Nothing will change if you don’t actually execute the safety programs you have.


If you find this process complicated or too busy to deal with these things, you can hire a safety consultant to assist you with all the processes. Many safety consulting companies offer safety management services to lift the heavy burden off your shoulder. These companies can likewise help you implement your safety programs and give support to ensure your ISNetworld? compliance.


Employee’s Training Verification

Some owner-client may have training requirements for your employees. Comply with their requirements and upload the needed documentation to verify the training. ISNetworld? will check if the training records meet the requirements of the owner-client. Your training record should have the following information:


Training Date


Signature of employees who attended


Subject matter or type of training


Signature of trainer


Hiring a Safety Company

If you find this job to be a little too much for you to handle, you can seek help from a reliable safety company or consultant. A professional safety consultant knows the nook and crannies of ISNetworld? that help you comply with all the safety laws and regulations of ISNetworld?.

As much as possible, avoid the following type when hiring safety consultants.


Consultants that offer downloadable safety plans


Don’t have enough safety credentials and certifications


Doesn’t know the entire scope of their services


Hiring a safety consultant or company can be difficult. Make sure to hire someone based on their credibility and know professionalism with regards to their work. If you’re having trouble with your ISNetworld? compliance or want to know more about it, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-780-832-5158.











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