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Gold Shovel Standard®

Are you in the business of excavation? If you are, you will need the Gold Standard Certification to apply for jobs, projects and bid opportunities.


What is Gold Shovel Standard®?

The Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) is a new contractor certification service specifically required for excavators. This certification aims to reduce 50% of the usual damages on professional excavation sites. 

With a Gold Shovel Standard Certification Program, you can improve workplace safety and the integrity of buried infrastructure. This projects a positive image for your company and potential clients who want to work with you.

Top-Notch Gold Shovel
Compliance Assistance

If your client has requested you to acquire a Gold Shovel Standard certification, there are certain requirements that you and your company should meet to get approval. If you don’t have the time to prepare all the requirements and follow all the procedures to be compliant with Gold Shovel, we can help! 

Our safety company provides a top-notch Gold Shovel Compliance Assistance so compliance and certification become an easy task. Our goal is to help you get the highest grade possible to guarantee compliance and certification with Gold Shovel. 

We can help set up your account and ensure the timely submission of documents and requirements for evaluation. We have all the resources and capacity needed to get the job done:

  • Industry Experts
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Tailored Programs
  • On-Time Account Submission

Our process does not require too much time or effort from you because we will do all the work for you. We will gather all the requirements and upload them into your Gold Shovel account.

Our team of safety experts will create a customized safety program specifically tailored for your company and its clients. We will comply with the state-specific digging prerequisites to ensure your compliance with both local and federal safety standards.

We will be with you throughout the entire process – Gold Shovel account set up, gathering and uploading documents, answering all the safety-related questions, submission of your company’s safety statistics and many more.

There is much work to be done but we’ve got you covered. Contact us today at 780-832-5158 if you’re ready to get started!

Ready to be a Gold Shovel
Compliant Excavator?

Being an excavator entails that you must comply with Gold Shovel Standard and get certified to be able to work on excavation projects. If you are trying to get the much-needed certification for excavating from Gold Shovel, we can help you!

Our safety consultant team will be more than happy to assist you with your application. We will do all the groundwork to make you become compliant in no time. Our safety experts will do the following for you:

  • Create safety programs specifically tailored for your company
  • Draft a state-specific digging program
  • Answer all the GSS safety questionnaire
  • Upload all documentation showing your company OSHA logs and insurance information.

Entrusting your compliance with Gold Shovel to us is a huge step for you and your company. Therefore, you can be sure that we will do everything we can to make you 100% compliant and get the highest grade possible based on your previous safety performances.


Is Gold Shovel Standard Compliance necessary?

Gold Shovel compliance is necessary only if your hiring client requires you to have it. However, it’s best to be compliant with GSS early as most excavation clients require this from their contractors.

What are the needed requirements to be compliant with Gold Shovel?

To be compliant with Gold Shovel, you need to create an account with them by signing up on their safety database. Then, you’ve got to submit documents such as the Certificate Of Insurance (COI), OSHA logs and many more. You also need to create a specific digging safety program for your company to have a better chance of passing the GSS standards.

Complying with GSS can be time-consuming and tiring since you have to answer all the GSS questionnaires thoroughly. If you’re too busy managing your business, it’s best to hire a professional compliance company like CORtek Safety to do the work for you.

Why do I need to get approved by Gold Shovel before I can work with a client?

Most clients are now using verification services to ensure that they get the best contractor for their projects. If you’re not approved or compliant with verification services like Gold Shovel, you generally can’t get the work you want.

Hiring clients do this to protect themselves and their projects from possible risks and failures. This is why they let verification services manage and approve their contractors before offering them work. This can be a tedious process as there are many requirements involved. 

You can spare yourself the trouble by letting reliable compliance like CORtek Safety work on your behalf and make you compliant.

Why should I choose CORtek Safety?

Working with CORtek Safety can be your best chance of making yourself approved and compliant with Gold Shovel. We have the best safety experts that will help you in your compliance journey and create safety programs that best meet your client’s requirements and company’s needs.

We will submit all the requirements and follow all the steps to get you the highest possible grade and exceed your previous grades. This is your chance to get approved on a project or bid opportunity.

Contact us at 780-832-5158 to get started with your Gold Shovel compliance and certification journey!

Our Fast and Easy Process

Our company ensures to create a step-by-step process to help you become compliant.
To better follow and understand our method, we have set the following process to ensure your compliance.

#1 Account Set-Up

If you don’t have an account with Gold Shovel yet, we can set one up for you. We will also manage your account in the future. However, the prices of our services do not include the membership fee of Gold Shovel.

#2 Creation of Company-Based Safety Programs

After setting up your account, we will then work on gathering the specific requirements of your clients. We will create a safety program specifically made for your company and based on your client’s requirements. 

If you’re going to need any other documents like your OSHA logs, we will also be the ones to prepare them along with other requirements to ensure your compliance.

#3 Answering all the Safety-Related Questionnaire

Before having an official account with Gold Shovel, you must first comply with all the requirements which include answering all the safety-related questionnaires. Usually, all questions are about the safety programs and procedures related to your business and industry.

We will make sure to gather all the required documents and submit them along with the safety statistics of your company. We will thoroughly review all of them before submitting them to make sure that they are completely aligned with your company’s needs.

With our expertise, we will endeavour to get the highest possible score that surpasses your previous safety performance.

#4 Upload all the Collected Information & Documentation

Once all the required information and documentation are completed, we will then proceed to the submission process. We will upload all the requisite items and do all the work for your compliance. 

We can also contact your insurance provider and get your certificate of insurance (COI) and workers compensation as needed. If your client asks for any other requirements, we will get those and submit them on time as well.

#5 Account Review

After uploading all your information and documentation, it will then be reviewed by the administrators at Gold Shovel. A full account review generally takes 1-2 weeks.

#6 Account Approval

Once the full account review is done, you will then receive the approval of your account. The account will also be fully graded, which is what your hiring client is looking for. Your client will then accept you for the work.

If some issues arise after the account approval (usually insurance coverage issues), we will notify you about those predicaments and present a solution to address those on time.

#7 Follow Up

At CORtek Safety, we will never leave our valued clients hanging. After your account approval, one of our safety experts will call you and check if everything is okay and whether you were satisfied with our service.

We want to check if you’re not facing any issues with your compliance or whether you have any other concerns. We do this to make sure that each of our clients is satisfied with our services.

Request an Appointment
Or Send a Message

Our team of experts have been helping excavators to be compliant with Gold Shovel and get their certification promptly for many years. You can be sure of timely submission of your GSS application the moment you consult with us.

Our team will write all the safety program requirements and handle all the other procedures such as collecting all the required documentation, answering all the GSS questionnaires and many more. 

We will handle all the paperwork for your compliance and ensure the timely submission of your OSHA logs, EMR letter, insurance certificates, and the rest of the requirements. 

With CORtek Safety, you can focus on your business while we handle your compliance until you get your Gold Shovel certification. Contact us at 780-832-5158 and let’s get your Gold Shovel compliance and certification as soon as possible!

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