Many businesses in Alberta are searching for ways to meet the safety standards needed. One of these options is COR certification, which has many benefits to offer. Certification of Recognition Safety (COR) programs provide a framework for leadership development, employee training, hazard identification, and risk management.

The framework is designed to help organizations identify hazards and reduce risks in the workplace. This includes recognizing ways that employees are exposed to injuries, illnesses, or other physical harm while doing their job. It also helps with developing a plan for methods of reducing these risks. The COR certification will be there every step of the way as your business grows, saving you time and allowing you to focus on what’s important: safety!


What is the Goal of the COR Certification Program?

The goal of the certification program is to provide organizations with a method for continuously improving safety and health. COR certification also helps meet the needs of diverse markets, customers, employees, regulatory agencies, and communities by providing clear expectations about your organization’s commitment to employers’ responsibility under every applicable law.


How Does the COR Certification Work?

COR certification is a process for evaluating your organization’s compliance with applicable safety and health laws. The COR Certification Program provides information about various aspects of the workplace environment, such as how to identify hazards, avoid unsafe work practices, provide proper training on hazard recognition and avoidance techniques, establish responsibility for managing identified hazards in an effective way that meets regulatory requirements under every applicable law.

Prime contractors can use the COR certification as a requirement when they hire subcontractors. This is common practice in some industries. For example, if you are hiring someone to repair a bridge, you would want them to have a COR certification as a prerequisite for bidding on the job.


How We Can Help

We can help you with COR certification. We have a lot of services that make it easy for companies to get COR certified in Alberta. We can help you with the steps to get your HSMS up to code and ready for inspection by a certified auditor. Our team of safety experts is dedicated to helping you succeed in this important area of your business, whether you’re just starting with no experience at all or if you’ve been trying on your own but aren’t sure where to turn next – we’ll help make this process as easy as possible for you!

At CORtek Safety Solutions, we help businesses that want to become compliant with COR certification in Alberta. Our highly trained staff will help you develop a health and safety manual so your business can be all set for the inspection. Contact us today at (780) 832-5158 if you want to learn more.




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