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How we do it?

Our safety company will make sure that you get Contractor Compliance and meet the compliance requirements of your hiring client. Our Contractor Compliance process will help improve your company’s safety practices such that they align with the industry’s standards and get a good score during the audit. 

Once your compliance is complete, you can bid on that big project and have a much better chance of gaining your hiring client’s approval. We will help you sign up for a Contractor account, gather and review all prerequisite documents and fill in the gaps of your safety program. 

As your professional safety compliance company, we will help you create a customized safety program that aligns with your client’s compliance requirements and give you good credentials.

What you get from our assistance:

  • 100% compliance and management of your Contractor account
  • Review and assistance in answering your PQF questionnaire 
  • Upload of WBC sheets and insurance documents
  • Custom-made safety programs
  • Industry expert assistance
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Contractor documents professionally made to meet industry-standard safety requirements

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Diverse Safety Programs
for Your Different Needs

Our experienced professionals provide a wide variety of safety compliance services for our clients including the Hazard Communication Program, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program, and Top-Notch Contractor Compliance Assistance.

We understand the complexities and difficulties of safety procedures and that’s why we help companies implement and maintain compliance and increase prospects with a hiring client.

Below are two of our excellent safety programs:

Hazard Communication

This program aims to increase employee awareness of hazardous chemicals in the workplace to help them identify potential risks. This way, they can prevent causing harm to themselves, the people in the workplace and the surrounding environment.

Features of the Hazard Communication program:

  • Enable employees to identify hazardous chemicals
  • Procurement of hazard information and maintenance at the workplace
  • Employee safety education, training and more

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE program implements general guidelines by assessing the workplace and creating protection between the workers and hazards in the workplace. It assesses the dangers that may affect the delicate parts of the body in the workplace and uses the right equipment to protect the workers from such hazards.

Our Personal Protective Equipment program includes:

  • Electrical Protection
  • Protective Clothing
  • Feet Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Eyes and Face Protection
  • Gloves
  • Fall Protection
  • Hard Hats and more

Contractor Compliance Assistance

Our sophisticated Contractor compliance process will do all of the work for you. We will gather the required documents, upload them into your account, and manage your compliance. We will also create a custom-made safety program that’s guaranteed to complete your compliance with Contractor Compliance.

We’ll also make sure that you acquire good grades to keep your Master Service Agreement (MSA) contract to bid on jobs or projects with your clients. Our Contractor Compliance program will take your business to the next level.

If you let us manage your account, we will make sure to monitor and manage it daily so your compliance is maintained. With our programs, we can lead your business in the right direction of getting compliance and approval.

If you want to take the first step towards a safer, more legitimate business, feel free to call us at 780-832-5158. Our friendly and professional staff will receive your inquiries and provide the best services for your company. 


What is Contractor Compliance?

Contractor Compliance is a safety platform that promotes a safer and healthier environment for everybody by allowing contractors or businesses to comply with their client’s workplace health and safety requirements.

How to become Contractor-compliant?

Becoming Contractor-compliant is not rocket science, but it can be a meticulous and time-consuming process to do yourself. 

To be Contractor-compliant, you need to do the following:

  • Register online
  • Collect the required documents 
  • Answer the questionnaires
  • Get your certificate of insurance
  • Upload documents
  • Let Contractor Compliance review your account 
  • Become qualified
  • Get your certification

If you’re too busy to do this major task on your own, reach out to us so we can do all of the work for you. We will help you get a “green flag status” and Contractor Compliance certification your clients need.

Is Contractor Compliance certification guaranteed?

Yes, it is. Our safety experts will make sure that you are certified so you can work on that big project immediately. If your safety program is not Contractor-certified, we can upgrade it to guarantee your Contractor Compliance certification.

Can I be Contractor-compliant on time?

Once we’ve gathered all the required information and documentation, we will then upload them into your Contractor account. We will make sure to cover everything including your insurance certificates and worker’s compensation information so you can be compliant on time.

CORtek Safety Process

Our company follows an efficient step-by-step process to help you become Contractor-compliant.

#1 Account Setup

If you’re new to Contractor Compliance, we will sign you up for membership. The price of Contractor Compliance’s membership, though, will not be included in our service fees. Nevertheless, if you already have a Contractor Compliance account, you don’t have to pay for membership and we will collect the information needed to begin our services.

#2 Create a Custom-made Safety Program

After the account is set up, we will start working on your client’s requirements. We will create a custom-made program for your company and make sure it meets your client’s requirements. If other documents such as OSHA logs are required, we can also make them for you. So there’s no need for you to bother with all the paperwork because the professionals in our company will take care of them for you.

#3 Answer the Questionnaires

Once all the pre-requisite documents are answered, we will then answer the questionnaires on your account. There are more than a thousand questions but there’s no need to worry because we will answer them correctly for you.

The questions will focus on the safety programs and procedures of your business and industry. The questions may also cover your company’s safety statistics submission. We’ll help you get the best score – higher than your last safety performance score.

#4 Upload the Required Information and Documents

Once we’ve collected all the required information and done all the important documentation, we’ll then upload them into your Contractor Account. We will make sure to submit everything on time, including your insurance certificates and compensation information.

#5 Full Review of Account

Once all the requirements are uploaded, we will wait for Contractor Compliance to review your account. The review may take 1-3 weeks to complete; we will check your account daily and notify you of any updates.

#6 Approval

Once your account review is completed and you’ve been graded, it won’t be long till you receive your Contractor Compliance certificate. Should there be unexpected problems with your account, we will make sure to notify you and provide the best solutions. Once you receive your compliance certificate, you’d have a much better chance of getting approval from your hiring client.

#7 Feedback

CORtek Safety values its clients a lot. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with our services and that’s why we’ll ask for your feedback. We will get back to you after you get your approval and ask whether you have any suggestions to improve our services. We’ll take your feedback and make the necessary changes or improvements; if needed. 

So if you’re looking for a top-notch Contractor compliance service, look no further – call us today at  780-832-5158

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There’s no other way to make your business run smoothly and succeed than to be compliant with all the local and federal health and safety regulations. Aside from it’s a requirement for all hiring clients, it also reflects your outstanding health and safety programs that help solidify your good reputation in the industry.

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