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Outstanding pre-qualification services for health and safety compliance inside the workplace.


How we do it?

We provide excellent ContractorCheck compliance services by following an effective process.

We will help you get complete compliance with the ContractorCheck safety registry and design a custom-made safety program to meet your hiring client’s requirements. We will create a ContractorCheck account for you and make sure that your company meets their compliance standards.

We will do all of the work for you from answering questionnaires, uploading documents and information into your profile section, and working with the ContractorCheck evaluator to make sure that you get approved.

Diverse Safety Programs
for Your Compliance Needs

We have several safety programs to address your company’s and client’s needs. Allowing us to handle your ContractorCheck compliance will be a major game-changer for your business because we will do our best to get your business compliant and certified with Contractor Check.

Two of our outstanding safety programs include the Hazard Communication Program and Personal Protective Equipment or PPE Program. We’ve discussed each below.

Hazard Communication

The program’s goal is to increase employee awareness of hazardous chemicals in the workplace so they can identify existing and potential risks. This enables them to effectively prevent causing harm to themselves and other individuals in the environment and workplace. 

Hazard communication program features:

  • Easily identify hazardous chemicals
  • Acquire and maintain hazard information in the workplace
  • Training and education for your employees

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program

Our PPE or Personal Protective Equipment program also applies the general safety guidelines to evaluate and create protection between workers and the workplace. It entails identifying dangers that can affect the vulnerable parts of the body and sorting out the best protection for workers against these workplace hazards.

Personal Protective Program features:

  • Electrical protection
  • Fall protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Feet protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Face and eyes protection
  • Gloves
  • Protective clothing
  • Hats and more

    Contractor Check Assistance

    We provide reliable and effective workplace safety assistance for your company including an upgraded safety manual, ContractorCheck prequalification assistance, and ContractorCheck registration and maintenance.

    Cortek Safety provides consultation in various parts of Canada. Our health & safety experts will make sure your existing safety practices meet the regulatory requirements of your clients and keep your employees safe.


    What is ContractorCheck?

    ContractorCheck is a safety and health compliance company that helps organizations make workplaces safer and better for their people. This is done through evaluation from accrediting contractors throughout North America of client and legislative requirements. The process also helps hiring clients to acquire the means to reduce risks by maintaining compliance.

    How to become compliant with ContractorCheck?

    Becoming compliant with ContractorCheck isn’t hard, but the whole process does take time if you do it yourself.

    To be compliant with ContractorCheck requires the following steps:

    • Registering online
    • Collecting required documents
    • Answering questionnaires
    • Getting a certificate of insurance
    • Uploading documents
    • Allowing ContractorCompliance to review your account
    • Becoming qualified
    • Getting your certificate

    If you don’t have the time to do this on your own because of your busy schedule, opt for our services so we can complete the whole process in a much shorter time. We’ll help you get on track and acquire ContractorCheck certification that would help you land on that big project.

      Is ContractorCheck certification guaranteed?

      Of course! Our safety professionals will ensure that you are ContractorCheck certified so you can get the hiring client’s approval as soon as possible. If you’re not yet certified by ContractorCheck, we will upgrade your safety program so you become compliant and certified as soon as possible.

      Can I become compliant on time?

      Once we have collected all the required documentation and information, we’ll then upload them into your ContractorCheck account. We will leave no stone unturned and even include information on your worker’s compensation and insurance certificates. You will be compliant on time.

      CORtek Safety ContractorCheck Compliance Process

      Our company ensures to create a step-by-step process to help you become compliant.
      To better follow and understand our method, we have set the following process to ensure your compliance.

      #1 Account Setup

      If you are new to ContractorCheck, we will register you to their online portal. The ContractorCheck membership fee will not be covered by your service fees. But if you already have a ContractorCheck account, you will no longer be required to pay the membership fee and simply gather relevant information to begin our service for you.

      #2 Create an upgraded Safety Program

      After registering your company to ContractorCheck, we will then work on your client’s requirements. We will create an upgraded safety program that suits your company best and satisfies your client’s safety requirements. Should there be documents like the OSHA logs required by your clients, we will produce them for you. We know you’re always occupied with your business and that’s why we’ll manage your safety compliance for you.

      #3 Answer Questionnaires

      Next, we will answer the questionnaires that generally follow after the account registration. There are so many questions to be answered but we will answer all of them correctly for you.

      The questions generally cover the safety programs and procedures of your business and industry. These also involve your company’s safety statistics submission. With our company, you can be sure that all the uploaded information will present your company in the best light. We’ll help you get the highest score that surpasses all your safety performance scores in the past.

      #4 Upload the necessary information and documents

      Once we’ve collected all the pre-requisite information, we will produce the required documents and upload them into your ContractorCheck account. We’ll make sure to upload everything, including your insurance certificates and worker’s compensation information.

      #5 Full Account Review

      Once all the requirements are uploaded, it would be ContractorCheck’s turn to evaluate your account. ContractorCheck’s account review generally takes 1-3 weeks to finish.

      #6 Approval

      After the account review, it won’t be long before you are graded and certified. And once you meet all the requirements needed to get an excellent ContractorCheck compliance grade, getting approval from your hiring client will follow. Should there be unforeseen issues with your application, we’ll make sure to update you and provide the most effective solutions.

      #7 Feedback

      CORtek Safety values its clients a lot. That’s why we ask for your feedback days after the approval to make sure that you are satisfied with our service. If you have certain issues regarding our services, we welcome any suggestions to improve them. We will make the changes if needed.

      If you want to experience our outstanding ContractorCheck compliance service, feel free to call us today!

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      There’s no other way to make your business run smoothly and succeed than to be compliant with all the local and federal health and safety regulations. Aside from it’s a requirement for all hiring clients, it also reflects your outstanding health and safety programs that help solidify your good reputation in the industry.

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