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Does your hiring client require you to have the Cognibox certification before giving you a project? If it does, CORtek Safety Solutions can help!


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Cognibox has software that helps hiring clients to determine whether potential contractors such as yourself are fit to work for them and not just depend on the qualifications you provided. They analyze the requirements that the contractors submitted and certify those who comply with the client’s and industry’s standards.

Our safety company takes pride in our excellent services, including helping contractors become compliant with several online contractor pre-qualification services, such as Cognibox. Our process is quick, simple and efficient – designed to guarantee certification. 

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If you’re looking for an excellent service to assist you with your Cognibox compliance and certification, look no further – CORtek Safety is a top Cognibox Certification Service in Canada. We can do all the work for your Cognibox compliance and follow a process that’s proven to ensure certification.

Cognibox’s team of auditors will check all your requirements and evaluate them to see if you pass their standards based on the compliance regulations of your hiring clients. Most hiring clients use Cognibox to audit their contractor’s safety history to ensure that workplace injuries or accidents aren’t high on your end. They will provide certification only if you pass their safety standard.

We help companies and businesses pass these audits and gain certification to help them bid and work on a project legally. If you are a contractor required to be Cognibox certified, we are here to help. Our safety and compliance experts will make the complex process of Cognibox certification fast and easy for you.


What is Cognibox?

Cognibox is a software platform that effectively manages contractors’ safety compliance based on their hiring client’s requirements. Many hiring organizations are now using Cognibox to ensure they get the most capable contractor to work on their projects. 

So, if you are not yet certified with Cognibox, you should sign up now, opt for our safety compliance service, and get approved. Having certification will expose you to many hiring clients as a potential contractor on the platform.

How much does the Cognibox service cost?

Cognibox has an annual subscription fee that costs based on the total number of the contractor’s employees. See the different annual prices in proportion to the number of employees below.

  • 0-2 employees —– $780
  • 3-5 employees —– $1,000
  • 6-20 employees —– $1,230
  • 21-35 employees —– $1,690
  • 36-50 employees —– $2,000
  • 51-75 employees —– $2,425
  • 76-100 employees —– $2,850
  • 101-150 employees —–$3,000
  • 150-200 employees —– $5,150
  • 201-250 employees —– $7,150
  • 251-400 employees —– $8,450
  • 401-600 employees —– $10,350
  • 601-700 employees —– $11,050
  • 701-800 employees —– $12,050
  • 801-900 employees —– $12,950
  • 901-1,000 employees —– $14,300
  • 1,001 and more —– To be discussed

Note: The prices above may change without prior notice from Cognibox. Therefore, it’s best to check their website from time to time. The rates above are not also inclusive of tax fees.

Why should I choose you?

CORtek Safety has helped many contractors like you become Cognibox certified and work for their hiring clients. We also take pride in our safety professionals that are capable of creating high-quality and customized safety programs tailored for your hiring client’s requirements.

With us, the compliance process will be quick, smooth and guaranteed. As a testament to our company’s credibility, over 66% of our clients are repeat customers.

If you’re interested in your Cognibox Certification services, contact us at 780-832-5158 and get started with your Cognibox compliance today!


#1 Create an Online Account

The first step that you have to take is to create an online account in Cognibox. You will have to pay for their annual subscription fee based on the number of employees of your company. The yearly subscription charge ranges from $780 to $14,300.

# 2 Answering the Client Questionnaire

After creating your account, you need to answer your client questionnaire, which has 200 questions or less. The questionnaire contains questions about the safety history of your company, workers compensation, employee training and more.

#3 Providing Safety Programs

The next step that you need to take after successfully answering the questionnaire is to create safety programs. Now, these are not just basic safety programs. These safety programs should correspond to the needs of your hiring clients and therefore must have to be customized. The safety programs you must create should comprise all the stages of your client project to ensure smooth sailing work.

#4 Submission of Safety Programs and Other Required Documents

After finishing with the safety programs, ensure to gather all the needed documents and requirements for submission. Prepare your safety programs, OSHA logs, EMR letter and certificate of Insurance (COI) and submit them to Cognibox.

After the submission, you need to wait for 1-2 weeks as the Cognibox auditor team will review your compliance application. If you successfully pass the review process of Cognibox, you can start working with your client right away.

However, after you successfully become Cognibox certified, your compliance journey doesn’t end there. You still have to ensure to stay compliant by updating your account with new information.

If you think this is too much work, CORtek Safety can handle all Cognibox compliance groundwork for you. We will upload all the documents required to manage your account so you don’t have to do it yourself. We can also contact the insurance company directly and ask them to send the certificates straight to us, so you can focus on your business.

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Did your hiring client specifically require you to be Cognibox certified? If so, our team of safety and compliance experts is here to help. We can help you simplify the complex process of Cognibox certification and make you certified in a short time.

We will be the ones to create an account for you if you’re new to Cognibox or make improvements if you already have an existing account. We can get all the requirements for you and submit them on time. With the help of our skilled safety and compliance professionals, you can give all your free time looking after your business or enjoy your free time with your associates.

CORtek Safety Solutions has been helping contractors like you to have them certified with online verification services like Cognibox. If you have any questions about our Cognibox certification assistance services, you may contact us at 780-832-5158. You may also request to talk with our compliance experts to get started with your compliance journey with us. 

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