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Do you want to become Browz compliant and land on that big project? Our Browz Compliance Services can help!

Hiring clients require their contractors to have Browz Compliance to work on their project. Thus, contractors must comply with the safety requirements of Browz to get approval.

CoRtek Safety provides quick solutions to businesses that want to comply with Browz. If you want to get started as soon as possible, you can always rely on our expert advice and excellent service.

What We Can
Do for You?

To ensure that you become Browz compliant, CoRtek Safety will do the following for you:

  • Update your existing safety manual or create a new one that’s more tailored to your needs
  • Contact the assigned Browz specialist and upload the needed information and documents
  • Achieve 100% compliance for your business
  • Manage client’s pending requests efficiently
  • Submit the OSHA logs


  • Update the Browz Client Center with your accurate contractor information, such as Training documentation, Rate Sheets, Certifications and licenses, Insurance documents and others.
  • Have Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP) act on your behalf
  • Recommend easy, step-by-step compliance procedures
  • Provide digital and hardbound copy of safety manual as requested

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Guaranteed Compliance for Your Business

CORtek Safety will do all the necessary steps to help you achieve Browz compliance for your business. We will work on your safety manual prerequisites to ensure that the process is easy for your organization. 

If you have existing accounts for other safety databases like ISNetworld and Avetta, we can transfer your information from there to Browz. This way, it will help you save time while securing database consistency and approval of the owner-client.

Our wide range of professional services is aimed at meeting your business needs with the highest quality and satisfaction. We will work with you on the following:

  • Account Completion
  • Provision of effective time-tested solutions safety solutions such as:
  • Creating customized HSE programs
  • Completing all the sections in the questionnaire
  • Eliminating discrepancies and submitting the GAP report via MSQ or QPF
  • A complete insurance liaison
  • Creation or verification of OSHA 300 logs

Account Management

Managing your Browz account can be time-consuming and if you don’t do the submissions right, you might end up with a rejection letter from the site’s administrators. We offer an all-inclusive service to guarantee 100% account compliance that includes:

  • MSQ Monitoring
  • Site tracker service
  • Insurance liaison service
  • Client GAP Report Reviews
  • Regular monitoring
  • Consistent OSHA reporting support
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Reviewer

    Qualification Training

    If you want certification training or informational training for the custom-made Health and Safety program of your employees, CORtek Safety can provide the following:

    • Detailed and crisp training management services
    • Training plans
    • Notification of training requirements
    • TQ and QQ Report Management
    • Training subjects comprising individual HSE chapters.

      ID Service Card

      Your identity matters and would be a chief factor when you opt for compliance and certification. Our ID Service Card service covers:

      • Employee Creation
      • Identification of Training Qualifications
      • Assignment of Training Qualification
      • ID assistance
      • Training Management
      • Alerts on expiring qualifications, employee upgrade and more.

      Premier Browz Compliance Assistance

      Our compliance process is fast and efficient for companies that are starting with Browz. We will be there for you right from the start; from the account set up until you are ready for a full evaluation and certification. Our compliance process includes but not limited to:

      Account Set-Up

      We will set up and manage your account fast, from development to submission of documents. We will do the following:

      • Safety Program
      • Manual Audit
      • Questionnaires
      • Documentation

      Account Maintenance

      Browz safety regulations and requirements may change and we want to make sure that you are always compliant by monitoring your account and responding to updates. We will make the necessary changes and adjustments if needed.


      What is Browz Compliance?

      Browz compliance is a safety database and verification services like ISNetworld, and Avetta that manages and certifies contractors that meet their safety standards and requirements.

      Is Browz Compliance necessary?

      Most hiring clients are now requiring their contractors to be compliant with safety verification services like Browz, making it necessary to get job opportunities and work with various client projects.

      Do I need to be Browz compliant when I'm already a member of another safety verification service?

      That usually depends on the hiring client that you are working with. If your hiring client specifically asks for Browz certification and compliance, then you have to comply.

      Why is it important to get approval from Browz?

      Getting approval from Browz is important if your client specifically uses the Browz verification service. It’s one of the best ways to get approval from your hiring client and start working on a project immediately.

      Is there a chance for new companies to get approved?

      Of course! If you entrust your compliance to CORtek Safety, we’ll make sure that you will get the highest grade possible. With that, you can get approved even if your company is new in the industry.

      How much is the membership for Browz Compliance?

      The membership fee for Browz compliance usually depends on the number of clients you are working with, although they also have fixed rates. You may check the Browz Compliance website to check their respective rates.

      Is it necessary to use your services?

      Not really. Since we are a third party from the Browz organizations, you don’t need to use our services. Nonetheless, if you want to be compliant without any hassle on your part, you will be needing our services. Our safety company will guarantee 100% compliance and approval from the owner-clients so you can start working on a project.

      Do your compliance services take long?

      Not really. Once all the required documents are complete, we will submit them within 24-48 hours. After that, we will wait for 1-2 weeks for the full verification of your Browz account and receive your certification after passing their standards.

      What can I get from entrusting you with my compliance?

      You will have a safety expert managing your account, ensuring that you are always compliant. We can guide you through the processes without any difficulties and do all the paperwork for you. We will be the ones to set up or improve your existing account, gather all the needed requirements, answer all the questionnaires, upload all the documents and have the safety program we’ve designed for you evaluated and approved.

      If you urgently need to comply with Browz, feel free to contact us at 780-832-5158. We will serve you to the best of our ability!

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      Through our dedicated staff, we can help you deal with the many requirements and make the whole process fast and easy. Our safety company will guarantee 100% compliance and approval from the owner-clients so you can start working on a project.

      If you urgently need Browz compliance to take on a job or bid on a big project, contact us at 780-832-5158 and talk with our expert today!

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