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Need a good Avetta certification and compliance program? Look no further.

How we do it?

  We can help you establish a health and safety management system to get Avetta compliance and certification. Our health and safety experts have created a process for contributing to your compliance with Avetta, getting recognized, and winning the approval of prospective clients.   

Not familiar with Avetta? Don’t worry, we will help you set up an account and create a safety program that meets your company’s and client’s needs. As we build safety programs based on the requirements of your clients, we fill any gaps between you and them.

Having an existing account but being too busy to manage it? We can manage it for you. So you don’t miss any updates and important regulatory changes within the system, we will keep you posted.

Using our service, you will receive the following:

  • A complete Avetta account management and compliance solution
  • Including a comprehensive review of your PQF questionnaire
  • In addition to the submission of WCB forms and insurance documentation
  • Safety programs are designed specifically for each client
  • Outstanding customer service 
  • Industry-standard professional assistance
  • Avetta documents that meet the required safety standards
  • No long term contracts, cancel at one months notice

You can contact us at 780-832-5158 for a free consultation if you would like professional assistance in implementing a health and safety program at your business that is Avetta-compliant.

Top-notched Safety Programs Tailored for Your Specific Needs

The professional safety programs we offer will ensure your company meets the Avetta certification requirements and take your Avetta compliance to the next level. Our top-notch safety programs address your specific safety requirements and give your Avetta compliance a green light. An Avetta certification puts you one step closer to securing that much-needed job or project

The following are some of the excellent services we can provide you:

Excellent Health, Safety and
Consultation Services

We offer excellent Health, Safety, and Consultation Services tailored to meet the needs of your company and exceed your client’s requirements regarding safety. After we have completed the safety program, we will upload it to your company’s account.

We will handle all of the work for you, so you do not need to worry about doing it yourself.


Hazard Awareness Program

As part of the program, workers will become more conscious of hazardous materials at work and learn how to identify any potential hazards. Through this, they can reduce the risk of incidents in the workplace and the potential for injuries.

Hazard awareness can provide many benefits to you and your workers, such as:

  • Identification of hazardous chemicals
  • Obtain and maintain hazardous information
  • Training, knowledge, and more


The best Avetta Assistance

Your business will attain new levels of success with Avetta’s compliance program. Creating a safety program guaranteed to comply with Avetta is what we do to safeguard your business.


By following our Avetta compliance procedure, you can have peace of mind knowing that we handle everything – documentation, upload, follow-up – to your satisfaction. Keeping your business running is important, so we guarantee fast and efficient service to you.

You do not need to monitor your compliance periodically. Our program includes daily monitoring of your account to ensure a positive impression is being made to current and potential clients.

A major objective of our programs is to ensure that your business gets Avetta’s approval. Our team guarantees that you will get good grades and be in compliance with all the terms of the contract or Master Service Agreement (MSA) when bidding on jobs.

Illness prevention Program

Our illness prevention program promotes a safe and healthy workplace for your employees in compliance with the OH&S laws that protect them from illness. By protecting your workers from illnesses inside the workplace, this program aids in their health and safety.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Service

    During the PPE evaluation and implementation process, specialists evaluate and implement the general guidelines in order to create a protective barrier between workers and hazardous conditions inside the workplace. 

    An employee safety program involves checking the workplace for hazards that can affect different parts of the body, such as the eyes, head, face, hands, and feet, and providing the workers with appropriate protection.

    Our PPE services include the following:

    • Electrical protection
    • Fall protection
    • Feet protection
    • Eyes and face protection
    • Respiratory protection
    • Hearing protection
    • Protective clothing
    • Hard hats, gloves, and more


    We serve in the following places:

    • All across Canada
    • All Across the United States

      Feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable Staff at 780-832-5158 if you want to get started with your compliance program. We can explain the process and help you choose the right program for your company.  


    What does Avetta mean?

    Using Avetta’s platform, contractors can locate clients with health and safety standards that match or exceed their own. As part of Avetta compliance, certain documents need to be uploaded into your Avetta account.

    The Avetta compliance system will help you work on the dream project if you are an employer. We offer the Avetta Safety Program so that you can work with clients that require Avetta certifications.


    How can I become Avetta-compliant?

    You don’t have to be an expert to become Avetta-compliant. But it can be a lengthy and time-consuming process if you do it on your own. For those with tight schedules, hiring a professional who will do the work for them would be more convenient.

    To be Avetta-complaint, you must follow these steps: 

    • Register and set up an Avetta account online 
    • Answer the corresponding questionnaires
    • Collect the needed documents
    • Secure your certificate of insurance
    • Upload your documents
    • Wait while Avetta reviews your account
    • Become qualified
    • Get your certification

    Those are the steps to become Avetta compliant. If you don’t have the time to do those steps, we can always provide quality assistance. We’ll help you get a “green flag status” that enables you to work with potential clients requiring Avetta certification.

    Will my safety programs be updated?

    Keeping your safety programs up-to-date is easy with CORtek Safety. As regulatory changes occur, our safety professionals will stay on top of them and make routine updates so that you stay compliant at all times.

    Is Avetta Certification ensured?

    That’s right. We will make sure that you are ready to bid on the prospective project as soon as possible. You can upgrade your safety program to ensure Avetta certification if it isn’t Avetta certified.

    CORtek’s Fast and Effective Safety Process

    Our company follows a very efficient process to help you become safety compliant.
    We’ve created a step-by-step process to make sure we cover everything and leave no stone unturned.

    #1 Account Setup

    Getting started is easy if you’ve never used Avetta before. Avetta’s membership fee will not be included in our service fees. However, if you already have an Avetta account, you do not need to pay a membership fee since the information will automatically be gathered in the startup process.

    #2 Create a Top-notched Safety Program

    We will work on your clients’ requirements once you have established an Avetta account with us. With our dynamic safety programs, your company will be able to comply with your clients’ safety requirements.

    For clients who may require additional logs, such as OSHA logs, we will secure them on your behalf. Our professional staff at CORtek Safety will handle everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about your schedule.


    #3 Answer Questionnaires

    The next step is to fill out the questionnaires that typically accompany the account setup. You don’t need to worry about struggling to answer the over 2000 questions because we will do it for you.

    Generally, the questions relate to the safety programs and procedures applicable to your business and industry. Additionally, you will be asked about company statistics and other related topics.

    You can be sure all the essential details are included in the answers in order to present your business in the best light. Get the best score and surpass your previous safety performance score with our help.


    #4 Upload Essential Information and Documents

    We will upload the necessary documents into your Avetta account once we have gathered all the necessary information. We’ll handle all the hassle and research involved with getting your insurance certificates and worker’s compensation information.

    #5 Make a thorough Account Review

    When all the required documents and information have been uploaded, Avetta will begin a thorough review of your account. It generally takes Avetta between 1 week for a full account review to be completed, so at this point, you just need to wait.

    #6 Get Approved

    Your Avetta account will be approved by your clients once it has been reviewed and graded, and you have met all of the requirements. Our support team will notify you immediately if there are problems with your account.

    #7 Get Feedback

    Clients’ interests always come first to us. Don’t hesitate to give us feedback after you’ve used our services. After your approval, we’ll get in touch with you to see if you are satisfied with our services. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improving them.

    Please let us know how our services can be improved and we will make appropriate changes as needed. We strive to provide top-notch Avetta compliance service, and you are always welcome to consult with us!


    You can contact us at 780-832-5158 for a free consultation if you would like professional assistance in implementing a health and safety program at your business that is Avetta-compliant.

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    Complying with all the local and federal regulations for health and safety will make sure your business runs smoothly. Apart from meeting the hiring requirements, it also shows off your excellent safety and health programs and enhances your industry reputation.

    Avetta compliance is just a click away! Call us at 780-832-5158 Today!

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