7 Game-changing Benefits of Having a COR or SECOR Certification

You come to the office to work, and while thinking of how well you’d bid on a potentially big project, some bad news comes to you. Two of your employees got injured at work, and your injury frequency rate is going way up. It’s unnecessary stress, a waste of your precious time and money, and you might miss that big project.

Work-related accidents can hurt you and your business. If your safety program is not protecting you and your employees, you will find it difficult to move your business forward.

The Problem

In a report made by the Canadian worker’s compensation boards, 1,027 workers died because of work-related causes in 2018. That number does not include non-fatal injuries. In 2017, injury rates in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick were higher compared to those between 2014 – 2016.

Occupational disease fatality rates within the country continue to vary in recent years, showing no signs of decline or improvement. See the 2019 Report on Work Fatality and Injury Rates in Canada by the University of Regina for more details.

These reports should alarm you. Work-related injuries have major consequences both inside and outside the workplace. Among the negative outcomes include decreased work productivity, impaired work performance, and financial costs such as medical expenses and employee compensations that could range from thousands to even millions of dollars.

The Solution

Upgrade your safety program by acquiring a Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Small Employer COR (SECOR) Certification. A COR or COR SE-COR certification can help ensure that your company’s health and safety concerns are being managed.

What is COR/ SECOR?

The Alberta government, Alberta Industry, and Alberta Workers Compensation Board (WCB) teamed up in 1999 with a mission to reduce injury and their costs by developing essential health and safety procedures. The Certificate of Recognition (COR certification) program was created as a result of this mission.

Employers get a Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Small Employer COR (SECOR) if they’ve established and enacted a health and safety program that meets provincial standards.

A COR certifies that an employer’s health and safety management system has gone through careful evaluation and meets the standard requirements. Certificates are awarded by Alberta Labour, co-signed by the certifying partner of your choice.

Representing the government, the Partnerships in Injury Reduction program along with Industry maintain the minimum standards and requirements of a health and safety program. The AASP works with the Alberta government to serve its members by providing standards and training that help member companies develop and put in place a Health and Safety Program that meets the Partnerships in Injury Reduction standards.

Companies that meet the Audi requirements will be provided with a COR or SECOR by the Partnerships in Injury Reduction, consigned by the Alberta Association for Partnerships. Maintaining a COR / SECOR entails a continuous review of an employer’s Health and Safety Management System such that issues can be identified and resolved.

Benefits of COR or SE-COR Certification

With a COR or SECOR certification in your hands, your company can enjoy some game-changing benefits.

1. Demonstrate effective health and safety management system

Possessing a COR demonstrates that you value your workplace by keeping it safe from injury and disease. Such commitment reflects a safer and healthier workplace that keeps its workers safe every day.

With a COR, employers can establish and maintain an effective health and safety management system that undergoes standard annual evaluation through internal and external audits. Audits generally come in documentation review, interviews, and observations to assess how the employer observes, identifies, and evaluates control risks towards workers.

2. Recognition from the industries and participation in the nation’s health and safety promotion

The COR’s audit criteria are acknowledged by industries within Canada. Acquiring a COR for your company is a crucial step to get recognition from these industries, as your company becomes part of a nationwide network that participates in promoting health and safety excellence.

A COR in your hands tells the industries that your business follows the national standard for workplace safety practices, making you a trusted service provider or business partner for SMBs. As clients become more discerning and socially conscious in deciding who to work with, acquiring a COR is more critical than ever.

3. It gives your company a competitive edge on specific jobs and projects.

Most bidding opportunities for projects within the country require a COR for Health and Safety. In the likely event that you must show an effective health and safety management system, a COR is a useful asset.

Showing legitimate proof of your active health and safety management system will give your company a competitive edge over others in terms of qualifications for specific jobs and contracts. With COR, you can bid on large contracts and government projects, leading to very lucrative deals for your business.

If you want to see if the COR program is right for you, you can start small with SECOR and see how it benefits your company before going with a COR certification. Either way, you will have the means to qualify for bidding opportunities available within your Industry.

4. Prevent workplace injuries and illnesses

Protecting the workers’ health and safety is one of the chief responsibilities of the company. Risk management within the workplace is the main focus of a COR. Establishing and maintaining an effective health and safety management system is an excellent procedure to drop work-related injuries and illnesses.

The certification entails strict compliance to process-driven standards, which entails a thorough development, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance of safety-related procedures that help your staff prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses inside the workplace.

5. Enhances company image and reputation

A COR certification can enhance your company’s reputation by creating a positive image among your customers, the authorities, and the Industry. A COR reflects an employer’s leadership, dedication to improvement, and commitment to employer health and safety.

By following the national standards, your company gains positive brand recognition and increases your stakeholder’s trust. Thus, a COR will give you the competitive advantage required to ace any project or bidding opportunity for your business.

6. Encourage employee confidence and engagement.

COR or SECOR is more than a certificate, bidding tactic, or business strategy but also protection for your staff. A solid commitment to safety will lift employee morale and encourage safety-conscious workers to work with confidence.

Having a COR will help your company and its employees in several ways beginning with the establishment and implementation of an effective health and safety management system that they can depend on.

The need to ensure worker’s safety has never been more important now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It would help if you continued to determine how best to protect your employers, certifying partners, and stakeholders with COR program requirements.

7. Saves more money

Having a COR enables you to save more money on unnecessary expenses such as compensation. Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment means that there will be fewer work-related injuries and fewer claims, leading to more savings.

With a COR, your company’s rating will improve, and you can get discounts on your premiums and bids, which can also lead to more savings. You can also save more time by preventing unnecessary claims and legal procedures that could take months or years.

Acquiring a legitimate COR certification is required to secure financial incentives from the WBC Partnerships in Injury Reduction program. Alberta corporations expect contractors who bid on projects to have a valid COR. You can read more about the requirement at Alberta.ca.

How can I get the COR certification?

Acquiring a COR may seem like a complicated task. But the process can be simplified with CORtek Safety Solutions Ltd. We follow a simple but effective process.

Consultation and safety program assessment.
We can sort your health and safety management system and put it into place to prevent workplace injuries and incidents that can cause company loss and projects getting delayed. Our team of experts will assess your program and devise a solution for your specific situation.
Get service and help.
For safe work practices, CORtek Safe Solutions Ltd provides several COR programs and safety manuals that have commended excellent health and safety implementation. We also have a COR SECOR program for small businesses. We provide manuals that can help develop and maintain your business’ Health and Safety management system.
Achieve Certification.
With CORtek Safety Solutions Ltd, you’re guaranteed to take your health and safety management system to the next level and pass the audit that will provide you with your certificate of recognition.

After you have acquired certification, you can enjoy all the benefits we’ve discussed; save money, get industry recognition, prevent workplace injuries, give your business a competitive edge, etc. Getting a COR certification is not only the right thing to do – it’s the plausible thing to do.

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